Three emerging artists from the country worked within the framework of the Yvyrasacha laboratories. The cycle shows the works they completed between October 16 and 26, 2022, which makes visible the current thought of women and allows us to better understand our historical, social and cultural system.

First Creation. Online from October 16 to 26.

Title: Esencia

Author: Daniela Flores




What’s the soul of a house?

Soul, alma, ánima, arima, jiwa, ajayu, aywa, dusa, anam, siela, nafta.

What is the fundamental and most important characteristic?

The essence.

“Esencia”/”Essence” is about the cracks, the openings, the distances that grow inside a house as a product of oblivion, of the effect of time and the loss of memories.

Second Creation. Online from October 16 to 26.

Title: Estaciones

Author: Claudia Villegas




“Estaciones”/”Seasons” is a summary of the intimacy that a woman lives and goes through, from her home and the roots coming from it. A journey on the flight and stillness of the trees that in their branches transmute and give off part of their essence just as loose hair that raise new verses to the ancestral moon of hidden wisdom.

Third Creation. Online from October 16 to 26.

Title: Girar en la Casa Caracola

Author: Adiba Rojas




A young person with a tattooed neck recalls different memories about the house where she grew up, and her attempts to become independent.

A story traversed by an obsession: spinning.


El ciclo mujeres 2022 de Yvyrasacha es apoyado por el Fondo Concursable de las Culturas y las Artes del Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de la Ciudad de La Paz.