Yvyrasacha’s main objective and activity is the promotion of investigative artistic creation in a dialogue-environment, this is the basis we propose for the enrichment and consolidation of performing arts in Bolivia. The principles behind our logic are the following:



Our curatorial line focuses on creations that emphasize the process as a whole. That is, in proposals that ensure, from their approach, the three crucial parts of the creative process:

1. 'Seed': refers to projects that must observe in depth the foundations of their proposal and that –in addition-, do not neglect the look at the sociocultural roots and the context from which they emerge and are nurtured.
2. 'Plant': They relate to the need for a solid, nourished and complete process, which, fed in depth by research, rises strengthened.
3. 'Fruit': Has to do with the result that is offered with a careful finish, and with creations -that you feel- that have the possibility of 'breathing' (from virtual, mixed and purposeful languages), and 'provide oxygen' to whoever receives them (being characteristic of contemporary art to oxygenate society, through its questioning of 'normality', for example).


From the integral approach of Yvyrasacha we have proposed to strengthen the capacities of the NUNA Theater in cultural management, which begins with the development of a web platform that will allow new ways of (re) meeting with the public by now having a virtual stage and the possibility of direct purchase of tickets for all activities carried out in the cultural center. Visit:



is supported by the International Relief Fund for Organizations in Culture and Education 2021 of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and other partners: