April 5th, 8:00 pm.

Title: La Casa

Direction and Performing: Claudia Eid

Cie: El Masticadero, Cochabamba




“La Casa”/”The House” talks about the mechanism that is socially activated to remain silent, to keep secrets, and about the abuses that are perpetuated in our societies thanks to this mechanism.

In its presencial version, the work appears as an installation, with a live voice and body (Claudia Eid), which breaks down the process of the piece.


April 12th, 8:00 pm.

Title: La Gente del Agua and Nyasi el cazador

*Special Children’s Day 

Direction and Performing: Isabel del Granado

Cie: Uma Jalsu, La Paz




“La Gente del Agua”/“The People of the Water”. In remote times we lived in darkness, we could talk to animals and become them. One day, a rain of fire fell and changed life forever. Since then, the Urus-People are called “The People of the water”.

“Nyasi el cazador/the Hunter” is a myth that narrates the origin of the Sirionó-Nyasi people. He created the vegetation by facing some monsters that lived in the mud. He made men and animals with warm earth, taught them to hunt, to fish and to respect each other between animals and men. He left his son in the care of men and animals, who died because of their carelessness…



April 19th, 8:00 pm.

Title: Animales Domésticos

Direction: Andrea Riera

Performing: Piti Campos

Cie: Latescena, La Paz and Sucre




Ana lives one day at a time. But in a day, a lifetime can happen.

The love-bed can become a trench-bed.

Ana remembers and lives at the same time. Butt she doesn’t know what is memory and what is life. And dreams of living in the Munich-Residence because you could only be happy living in the Munich-Residence.

It seems that Ana was locked up, but, who locked her up? Was it she?

Here she is alone, maybe like many, maybe like you one day.