The management and production of scenic artistic projects completes the structure of the Yvyrasacha Project to get out of the paralysis in which the sector finds itself, maintaining the emphasis on the qualification of the products and supporting their dissemination, not only in local markets, but also promoting a dialogue with international curators.

PRODUCCIONES 2021 - 2022:


Jorge Alaniz León, was born in Quechisla – Potosí in 1980, at age 5 he was relocated by the government with his family, eventually settling in Cochabamba.

Since 2002 he has dedicated himself to theater, he studied at the Municipal Theater Workshop and then went on to work with El Masticadero and Kiknteatr. In 2010 he founded his own group with which he prioritized the assembly of his own texts.

He was the winner of different theater and dramaturgy competitions.

He currently directs La Mala – Grupo de Teatro and the Colectivo Pujllana.

He is also a musician with empirical training.


Claudia Eid Asbún is a playwright, theater director and actress, she began her theatrical career in 1996 under the direction of Hugo Francisquini.

He currently runs his independent theater company El Masticadero, founded in 2005.

His texts have been published in anthologies in Bolivia (Quipus: knots for a Bolivian Dramaturgy / Bolivian Theater Anthology), Spain (Flying Leaves), Argentina (Latin American Drama Anthology) and Cuba (Bolivian Dramaturgy Anthology).

His texts “Desparecidos” and “Mujer de Juan” have been translated into Portuguese and published in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, within the PERIFÉRICO project.

His works together with the Masticadero have toured national and international festivals in La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Sucre. In addition to performing at festivals in Formosa, Córdoba, Neuquén and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Heidelberg in Germany.


Pati García, Actress, director and theater educator with 26 years of experience. Lic in education. He trained and worked in performing arts: theater, dance and music in Bolivia, Argentina and France. He participated in more than 15 international theater, music and dance festivals such as the Avignon Festival. She works as an independent actress in theater, film and television and since 2002 she has been a creative partner of the companies. Kikntear and Scene 163. Today she is the director of the Escenalmargen collective and the Ser y Estar Workshop, a training project for young actors and promotion of contemporary dramaturgy.



Raisa Vanessa Encinas Gutiérrez, began her theatrical work with Teatro La Cueva workshops in 2007, in 2008 she mounted her first play “Youth: confused experience”, which she wrote, acted and directed, and with which she won the first place at the CONBOJUV Festival. In 2009 she became part of the Lanzarte “youth and democracy” project of Solidar Suiza where Teatro El Animal group was born. Teatro El Animal has two directors Gonzalo Callejas and Alice Guimaraes, from Teatro de Los Andes.

With Teatro El animal she has staged 10 works since 2009, and had presentations in different parts of the country, taking the plays especially to places where there is no easy access to art. With this group she participated in the FITEA, the international theater festival of El Alto in 2014, that same year she received the award of the National Peter Travesí Award, with the work Invisibles.

In 2016 she also became part of the Sucre Actúa project, with which he took a cycle of workshops with Diego Aramburo and the group with the same name was formed and two works have been carried out to date, La casa de la Fuerza by Angélica Liddell (2016) and Dios (2018), both directed by Diego Aramburo. In 2018 the work Dios won another National Peter Travesí Award.

During the 2018 and 2019 periods, Raisa Encinas directs a group of Economics students and wins second place and best script at the 7th and 8th Theater Encounter “The Beautiful and Aesthetic Economy” of the Faculty of Economics of the San Francisco University of Chuquisaca.

In 2019, within the framework of the XIII Raúl Salmón de La Barra Municipal Theater Contest, she achieves a special mention in best principal performance with the play If they allow us to speak.


Katherine Bustillos Vila (La Paz, 1996). Playwright, psychologist, student of Mathematics. Two-time winner of the First Place of the Adolfo Costa Du Rels Contest (2017 and 2020). In 2016, she won the Under-30 Dramaturgy Contest of the Second OFF La Paz Show. Several of his texts were published in “LA ESCENciA” and in the digital magazine “Dramaturgia Boliviana”. She was one of the Panorama Sur Bolivia scholarship recipients (2017). In 2019, she was part of the Hito Tripartito residence – Dramaturgical Creation in Residence (Bolivia-Chile-Peru). In 2020, she was part of the Interdram Dínamo 7 Ibero-American residency. She is currently studying the Master’s Degree in Dramaturgy at the University of Dramatic Art, Buenos Aires-Argentina.

Pedro Simoni, actor / creator, workshop facilitator, has a degree in French literature (Paris Sorbonne Nueva 2009). Pedro studied acting at the Intercultural Theater Institute of Singapore, from which he graduated in 2014. In Bolivia he performed directing assistance with Diego Aramburo in Ricardo III (2017) and Tilman Raabke in La escopeta de hunting (2018). In his works: Orson (2018), Death and Rebirth of Narcissus (2019), and Ulysses Connected (2020) he explores the relationship of the body with new technologies. He has participated in the national residencies INMATERIAL (2018), Plataforma LECHE (2018), Plataforma1 (2019) PANORAMA SUR (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019), Vía Láctea para las Artes Vivas (2020) and Residencia1 (2021).


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